How this whole pandemic thing is making me feel.

The way the world is right now is very saddening. It seems no matter where you turn there is propaganda. Whether is the fear agenda propaganda, or the plan-demic agenda propaganda.

It’s really sad to see that so many people are full of fear of an enemy they can’t see. I understand their fear because all we know about it is what the news wants us to know. If my hope wasn’t in Christ, I would definitely be more fearful. We’ve been forced into house arrest with an ethos and pathos reasoning made to look like a logos reasoning. If you keep up with the news all you see is death counts, infection rates, overcrowded hospital, shortages in stores, lack in leadership, baised research and the list goes on and on (It’s good to take a break from the news every once in a while).

All this just ends up spreading discord; fear mixed with confusion and anger at someone or something.  There are a lot of things that don’t add up or make sense. Maybe I’m focusing too much on the physical and not enough on the spiritual. At a time like this I just pray that the truth would make itself clear and known to everyone.

Father God,

There’s so much happening in the world right now and I thank you because you are in control. I thank you because you listen to our prayers. Lord I ask that all your people have inner peace and that you would draw near to all who seek you. I thank you because we are never truly alone for you are always with us. You are our provider in all circumstances, you are our Shepard. I thank you because everything is happening within it’s appointed time and not earlier.

Thank you Lord for we have assurance of our salvation through you. We have truth for you are truth, and we have peace in the Gospel. You have given us righteousness and the holy spirit. All this we have through our faith which shields up from the fiery arrows of Satan. Thank you Lord for you have provided us with our whole armor; all we have to do is wear it and fight the good fight.

Thank you Lord for we have hope during these times. Even if things may seem bleak, we know, oh God, that you are a restorer, you are a healer, you are a provider, you are love, and you hold the whole world in the palm of your hands. Especially during these times Lord, I will not lean on my own understanding, but trust in you and let you direct my path.

Thank you Lord for during these times you are softening the hearts of people. The harvest is plentiful during these times oh Lord and the workers are being imparted with boldness, patience, and loving kindness. We thank you for we are able to preach your word to those who need to hear it. Thank you oh Lord because as your children, we are not afraid of the Gospel; for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. Thank you Lord for even as we go through persecution, we know that you overcame first, so we also can overcome.

All this I pray in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again— my Savior and my God!


Psalms 42:11 NLT

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Cyntia Seumo

Hey there, I am Cyntia, the face behind the blog. My journey with Christ is an ongoing process, and I still have so much to learn and share. I created this blog in hopes that others can know they are not alone in their struggles. I want everyone to know that Christ has made us overcomers in this world. We are not victims of our circumstances but victorious in our situations. Do not hesitate to drop me a line, either via the comments, the contact page, Facebook , or Instagram!


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May 17, 2020


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May 9, 2020


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