Hope - a poem


Hope - a poem

Cyntia Seumo | March 25, 2022

Who against hope believed in hope...

Romans 4:18

I see you

Yes, I see you.

I see how you're crying out for help

With that smile on your face as you pass by,

But the eye contact is hard to supply

Because you know if they see you inside

They might get caught in your raging sea

And if they sink, then well, that makes two of you.

If they can't help then what is there left to do?

Hope, hope, hope...

it seems too dangerous to hope.

Or maybe it's actually too comfortable

To think that perchance you could actually be stable.

Maybe the sea won't calm down

Maybe the storm is here to stay

Maybe chaos is all there is.

So you think it's better to not hold on to anything that could make you sink.

But have you considered holding on to what could make you float?

Not just for a moment, but for eternity;

Jesus Christ, the one true God.

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