Sometimes we need encouragement

Last month, I was feeling a bit off and needed some encouragement. So, I asked in the slack bible study group we have at work if anyone had any words of encouragement for the day. I didn’t get a reply until the end of the workday, but the reply gave me some perspective on things. Below is his reply.

@Cyntia, my two cents:
Today I was studying in John 18 where our Lord was on trial before His crucifixion. He endured utterly unreasonable questioning and treatment from the religious leaders who were supposed to be the defenders of the truth and of righteousness. The most shocking thing about this to me is the fact that He endured this leading up to and including the most shameful, abhorrent, painful death, and He did all of this WILLINGLY. Isaiah 53 talks about this very thing (He was pleased to crush Him, putting Him to grief). Certainly, it did not please God the Father to crush His Son for no good reason. It pleased Him to do so because His crushing of the Son meant our deliverance and freedom from the penalty of sin and reconciliation with God. What continues to shock me is that I know just how far I fall short of this kind of love, a love that caused our Lord to say, “The son of man did not come to be served but to serve and give His life a ransom for many.” Just to think that the God of the universe served! utterly unworthy and evil people such as we are, and enemies of God at that (Romans 5), is an unimaginable grace that I know I give too little thought to. That is tremendously encouraging to me. Hope it is to you as well.

After reading this, it got me thinking about how much I am willing to do for Christ. Since Christ so willingly endured all this suffering, how much am I willing to endure for his sake? I find that most of the time I am asking for more without fully appreciating all that I already have. Am I fully using everything I’ve been given?
Christ has given us everything he has: yet, somehow, I continue to make mundane excuses as to why I’m too tired to do something and then throw in a mental note there somewhere that God will understand. If Jesus had that same mentality, where would we be?

I don’t want to go on too much of a rant, so I will stop there. Share in the comments below something that Christ has called you to do that you have been hesitant to respond to. Why are you being hesitant? Let’s have a discussion and encourage each other!

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  1. Thank you for this! Gods has called me to start a prayer line and this such a great reminder. We have to labor for the gospel just as Christ did for the church! God bless you!

  2. Praise the Lord! God has given you everything you need to do the things he has called you to do; it may seem challenging at first, but the fruits of it will be wonderful! Stay blessed in all your ways, in Jesus’ Name

  3. Pearl Sah says:

    Wow! Indeed what if Christ had the same mentality! There’s this lady I work with, God has been prompting me to talk with her about Christ. I have been hesitant with the excuse of finding a perfect time . It should not be so.