One way to examine your faith

Could you be tortured over what you believe in and still stick with your belief?

I think about this sometimes and I don’t like imagining being tortured, but even more, I hate the idea of denying Christ for comfort. Yet, it’s something I find myself doing oftentimes. For example, not telling someone about Christ because I don’t want them to think adversely of me. Or even not giving towards the Gospel because I am saving up for some worldly comfort.

Could you be like Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack, Abendigo, Jeremiah, Isaiah, the Apostles, Stephan, Or even Jesus himself? Could you suffer those things and still say, “yet my God is faithful”? Do you believe in God just for the worldly comforts that He might bring? Or are you laying up your treasures in heaven where nothing can get to it and destroy it? Do you seek worldly praise? Or do you wholeheartedly seek God’s praises? These are some questions I often ask myself and challenge you to ask yourself as well.


Oh Lord, I pray that we, as your dear children, never take what you have done lightly! I pray that we may never take for granted all that you went through to give us this life that we live. I pray oh Lord that we would also pick up our crosses when and where needed. I declare this day that you reign and rule over my decisions, my mind, and my life. I rebuke all fleshly desires that war against the nature of the spirit you have given me. I declare that all my actions are working towards building your kingdom. Thank you for choosing me to help with your work. I give you all the praise, honor, and glory.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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