Crying out to God

I feel like sometimes I don’t know how to cry out to God. Not because I think He’s doesn’t hear me, but because I just feel like a whiny little child. I don’t know why I feel like I must always act strong when I’m with God. It doesn’t make sense, because He already knows my heart and my thoughts (Psalm 139:1-2), so why do I think I can’t talk about it with Him?

This is one reason why I truly admire David. He would cry out to God for everything! If he sinned, he’d confess and beg forgiveness without caring how others perceived him (2 Samuel 12:13-17). In times of difficulty, he’d cry out to God and ask him, Lord, like seriously, why is this happening to me? But even amid all his feelings and amid the world around him being against him, he could always turn to God and say, even though everyone says you’re no good, I know you bring joy and peace. You will deliver me! (Psalm 10 and more)

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