Music has this weird thing it does where it invades your mind with or without your approval. So I make it a point to surround my self by songs that I actually want stuck in my head. whether conciously or subconciously, I want to always praise the Lord.

If you need a few bops, check my selection below!

Disclaimer: Pause a playlist before playing another to avoid overlapping songs.


A reminder of whose you are and who you are

Whenever I'm feeling down, indifferent, or need encouragement, I put on this playlist. it helps keep my thoughts stayed on Christ throughout my situation.

Let's Jam

Who said we can't have fun singing about Christ?

I put on this playlist when I want some good beats to dance and be hype to.

Praise & Worship

My prayer playlist

nine times out of ten, if you hear me play this playlist, I am about to pray. the other time, I just need to exhalt the Most High


Sometimes I just want to chill

I love this playlist for raining days, when I'm feeling peaceful, and when I am about to go to sleep. These are also songs I would love to play around a campfire.